Marga Yoga Θεσσαλονίκη

Valia Vlatsiou

Yoga Teacher

Her relationship with exercise and body began from an early age through the technique and art of classical, modern and other forms of dance. In 2011, she met, was fascinated and quickly deepened the practice of Hatha Yoga. She trained at the Anahata Yoga Academy (200hTTC), next to distinguished teachers, attending a number of training seminars.

In recent years, she continues to be trained in Greece and Thailand (Krishnataki & David Lutt // Advanced TYMassage, Pichest Boonthumme // Chiang Mai, Andrea Baglioni // Sunshine Network, Lahu Village, Lydia Consta // ITM school of Chiang Mai). She is involved with Mindfulness Meditation (vipassana) and experiential psychotherapy seminars, trained in Rebirthing / Breathwork (Marga Yoga) and deepens her beloved Yin Yoga (with Betty Papadopoulou). She intends to continue to learn and share the beautiful traditions that bring us closer to one another, to ourselves and the presence of the inner therapist.