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Events – Seminars

Events – Seminars

We organize rebirthing/breathwork and hatha yoga seminars, workshops and retreats. The objective of these classes is to analyze and gain experiential understanding of spiritual, prenatal and perinatal psychology, and also to expand on the raja yoga path.

Marga Yoga seminars in Thessaloniki are designed and structured to support people in freeing themselves from fears, restrictions, or other unproductive emotions. The seminars support people who wish to improve their life through self-awareness, open their horizons and feel strong in shaping their own existence. More often than not, such seminars and retreats turn out to be a starting point for trainees to experience radical changes in their lives.

Seminar and workshop topics pertain to everyday life issues, yet it’s quite astounding how the sessions provide a deep and meaningful realization of the trainee’s current state and lead to possible future life-changing actions.

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