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Marga came to life recently, in September of 2015. It derived from Paschalia’s need to support more people using yoga and breathwork.

Paschalia needed to continue working on a personal level, since she only held private sessions, yet she wanted to see more people at the same time, so that the sessions would become more affordable leading to more people attending them and enjoying their benefits. And this is what happened eventually; Marga (“passage” in Sanskrit; the passage to a new state of consciousness) wins you over with its personality and character. The studio is small, in order to host small groups at each class.

We only offer small-group yoga sessions, of a maximum of 6 persons, so that everyone can have proper contact with the instructor. Private sessions with Paschalia are also offered, as well as personal growth seminars.

It’s a place created with love, here, in the city of Thessaloniki, a place dedicated to supporting people who seek new paths in their life, as well as inner peace.

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