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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training YAI 200H

Marga Yoga and Holistic Yoga collaborate to offer a comprehensive training program for yoga teachers. This program is inspired by the classic Hatha Yoga and Raga Yoga with emphasis on the psychological and psychosomatic interpretation of postures (asanas) and breathing and the therapeutic approach of asanas in order to balance body and mind. This program is aimed at people who want to teach or experience yoga in depth. Within 10 months they will transform their body, improve breathing and concentration and also understand the spiritual background of the science of yoga, so that they are able to transmit this knowledge.
This training course is only the beginning of a long journey of self-knowledge, self-realization and transformation through the application of a complete system of yoga phylosophy in real life.
– All participants who complete the program will be given a certificate of study and certification of Yoga Alliance International (YAI 200H).
– The course will begin in November 2021 and will last until July 2021. The teaching will take place one weekend a month and requires attendance of Marga sessions 3 times a week (or online attendance)
– This training can be attended online, provided that 30% of the total hours are attended live.

Course curriculum

• 200 basic asanas, standing, sitting, supine, inverted, detailed description and variations of asanas
• Yamas and Niyamas – The Eight Fold Path of Yoga
• Mudras, bandas, mandras
• History of yoga and the different types
• Basic philosophical texts of yoga and yoga sutras
• Principles of Vinyasa Yoga
• Course structure and teaching techniques
• Anatomy
• Energy Anatomy & Chakras
• Vipasana Meditation
• Yoga nidra
• Practical training
• Essay 5,000 words

Deepening of YAI 300H

This in-depth course is aimed at teachers who hold a recognized 200-hour yoga degree from any certification organization. Its purpose is to provide more specialized teaching techniques. In particular, a yoga teacher must be well acquainted with the human body, its physiology and musculoskeletal structure, as well as its pranic structure.  They should be aware of basic conditions of every body system, as well as dealing with them through yoga techniques. Moreover they should know how to touch the body and the soul of every trainee, creating a deep and honest student-teacher relationship. At the same time they should know the basis of the philosophical depth of Raja Yoga practice experientially, working on themselves, their personality and their way of life.

Course curriculum

• Musculoskeletal disorders of the body and their treatment
• Mental illnesses and their treatment
• Conditions per emotional center (chakra)
• Adjustment techniques
• Teaching techniques
• Specialized anatomy on asanas
• Physiology and emotional centers
• Experiential comprehension exercises of Yoga Sutras
• Practical training
• 20,000 essay with teacher support

Our Teachers:

Paschalia Kasidou, Senior Teacher 780h IYF
Stella Fysika, Senior Teacher 780h IYF
Konstantinos Tsourvakas, TEFAA AUTH, Msc Exercise Physiology


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