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Private Sessions Rebirthing/Breathwork

Private Sessions Rebirthing/Breathwork

Rebirthing / Breathwork is a technique based on the circular flow of breath without pauses, so that prana-bioenergy enters our body unhindered, and thus activates our cellular memory -which is the subconscious and the brain emits Alpha waves, of deep, conscious relaxation. Breathwork / rebirthing is a perfect philosophical structure and has a specific methodology for the healthy connection of the individual with the environment and the universe.

It is a simple and safe technique that helps us to understand our personal birth trauma, and also to realize what negative beliefs have led us to the situations we are experiencing. The result is self-healing and a profound change in our lives as we become the masters and creators of the reality we experience.

We improve our relationships, personal and professional, we gain self-control, we enjoy our daily lives, we enjoy the abundance of the universe.

Our perceptual capacity increases, and we fill with energy and appetite for life and creation. We gain our inner peace and spiritual clarity. At the physical level we detoxify the body, promote our health and follow a more natural way of life and diet.

The personal sessions with Paschalia combine the psychotherapy, with the Gestalt approach, so we work holistically on the birth trauma, experientially / physically and cognitively.

Online sessions are available. Contact us for more details.

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