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Private Sessions Rebirthing/Breathwork

Private Sessions Rebirthing/Breathwork

A Rebirthing session (Conscious Breathing) lasts 120 minutes. The session is divided in two parts.

In the first part (duration: 60 minutes) the healer and the trainee talk about anything that is currently happening in the trainee’s life. This verbal interaction helps trainees shed light onto recurring situations in their life and discover the subconscious structures that provoke or attract these situations. During Rebirthing sessions, trainees recognize and work on their attitude towards their existential issues, and discover the way to change anything they don’t like in their life.

In the second part (duration: 60 minutes) the trainee breathes consciously for about 50 minutes. During that time, the trainee assimilates everything that was said in the first part, a spiritual clearance takes place and a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of life is obtained. This understanding is the beginning of the healing process, either for a body-related disease, or for a certain situation in their life that isn’t flowing smoothly.

We also offer Skype sessions for people who don’t live in Thessaloniki, which include just the discussion part and are 60 minutes long. At these sessions, trainees are provided with support and guidance regarding any issue they are concerned with. In the case of remote sessions, it is required that at least one full session takes place every 5 weeks. When this is not possible, trainees are given instructions on breathing exercises or meditation techniques they can try at their own pace. There is always a way for us to work with ourselves, as long as we truly desire to do so.