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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

The personal sessions with Pashalia combine psychotherapy with the Gestalt approach and the use of breathing. Gestalt psychotherapy brings to the center the physical experience of the treated person in the here and now, in contrast to classical psychoanalysis which focuses a lot on the mental processing of the experience and derives information mainly from the past.

Breathwork, the conscious use of breathing, on the other hand, is a technique based on the circular flow of breath, without pauses, so that prana-bioenergy enters our body unhindered, resulting in the activation of our cellular memory, i.e. the subconscious and the brain to emit the Alpha waves, of deep conscious relaxation. It is a simple and safe technique that helps us connect with our body and the experience of the present moment.

These sessions therefore have a special character, as the body actively participates and thus constitutes a more holistic way of psychotherapy, which includes us as a whole, and not fragmented into body and mind.

More specifically:

  • It is possible to choose a cycle of breathwork, which consists of 10 sessions and we work on the birth trauma in a targeted way
  • Choose psychotherapy sessions with the Gestalt approach
  • Start with a cycle of breathing therapy and then continue with psychotherapy sessions
  • There is also the option of online sessions, you always decide this together with the therapist and the patient, depending on the situation.


Paschalia Kassidou is a trained Gestalt psychotherapist (graduate) and yoga and breathing teacher.