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Rebirthing/Breathwork is a self-healing practice based on Conscious Circular Breathing, bringing radical changes in the way someone looks at life. It works on our physical body, on a cellular level, but also on our mind, our subconscious thoughts.

The contribution of Breathing

Conscious Breathing or Rebirthing/Breathwork is a really simple technique that works deep into the subconscious. By practicing Conscious Breathing, we “consciously” affect our subconscious. This happens because breathing acts as a bridge, a medium, connecting the conscious and subconscious mind. Breathing is the only body function that occurs subconsciously by our autonomic nervous system, just like heartbeats, but it can also be controlled by our conscious mind, which would be impossible with heartbeats. By leading our breath, we intervene with our subconscious, bringing buried emotions to the surface so that they can be dealt with and finally healed.

Healing diseases

Normally, when our body is oxygenated, oxygen fills our cells and tissues. Oxygen nourishes the cells; as they absorb more oxygen, life itself is enhanced and maintained. This increases the body’s capability to self-heal, which is the only way of treating all diseases.

Breathing transfers “spirit” in our bodies, as shown by the etymology of the Greek word «πνεύμονας» (lung) > «πνέω» (breathe, live) > «πνεύμα» (spirit). Apart from oxygen, spirit and a desire to live is transferred in the tissues.

As a result, there is immediate relief from the symptoms of any disease and, depending on the patient’s will and practice, full healing may occur.

Healing for life

The Rebirthing philosophy is based on the acceptance of the existence of subconscious thoughts that define our lives without our conscious will.

The creation of these thoughts begins with the moment of conception, but they are repressed to the subconscious, since the conscious is not ready to process them. From that moment on, the cellular memory is created, which is actually the home of the subconscious mind. The subconscious follows us for life and it creates or attracts the reality we experience.

When, for instance, I have the unconscious thought “I am not enough”, I shall be keen on attracting people and situations that will trigger that feeling, I shall feel less of a person at school, in my relationships, and this fear will keep getting justified.

All this starts to change, when, by practicing Conscious Breathing, we feel the deeper cause of our reality. The cellular memory is released, while breath floods through the cells along with life and the desire for a cure, and emotions from the subconscious are experienced.

When the person understands the subconscious thought “I am not enough” and experiences the pain that, out of fear, was repressed to the subconscious, the cure and the change in life will occur. In reality, they will start attracting situations that will confirm their adequacy and so the pain will be gone.

The process of Conscious Breathing releases repressed emotions, resulting in their acceptance, and by extension, deletion from the cellular memory.

A complete Personal Growth practice

The cure comes as thoughts of fear and inadequacy are healed. The trainees grow and make full use of their potential. They start obtaining physical health and experience harmony and balance in every aspect of their life; personal life, social life, professional life, economic status. By Conscious Breathing we shape the life we yearn to live.

This is a technique that no one should try alone or without the supervision of a Rebirther/Breathworker. This type of breathing can access deep traumas and should be approached with the appropriate support.