Marga Yoga Θεσσαλονίκη

Stella Fysika

Yoga Teacher

My connection with yoga began in 1991 when I discovered Hrani yoga and the teachings of master O.M.Aivanhov. Since then my connetion with yoga has become stronger and deeper.
Always searching and in a self awareness journey, I began exploring Tai chi, Reiki, Tae Kwo Do and phychotronic and also in the philosophy of Mexican Shamans, with special reference to the Tensegrity.
At the same time, my inherent curiosity and the need to find answers to fundamental questions concerning human, led me to meet various teachers (yoga teachers, music teachers, painters, dancers, holistic and alternative therapists, psychotherapists, organic farming teachers, etc.) to discover that each of us has an inherent energy reserve that is enough to achieve the ultimate goal of every human being living on Earth. And that this can be achieved through Will, Faith and various physical and spiritual practices.


So yoga gave me the impulse and internal direction to start participating in a series of courses and seminars in Greece and abroad (India, Germany, Sri Lanka), with teachers from various systems:

hatha yoga, Iyengar, anusara, satyananda, sivananda, hormone yoga therapy, astanga, kundalini.

I believe that the first circle of my apprenticeship drew me towards Iyengar’s method and the yoga of the Circle and the Cross a method developed by Mrs Sofia Chatzipanagiotou

After all these years in practicing and teaching, I have incomporated techniques and systems in a personal style. But my search continues. I have as a prototype the physical and mental balance and the pursuit of fulfilling the deeper and subconscious desires which enable me to use the compilation and redistribution of internal energy as a positive weapon.

My teaching experience begins in 2001. Since then I have collaborated with various cultural associations, alternative centers, studios yoga – pilates, and also the yoga world magazine. I teach individual tailored private lessons as well as groups, organize seminars and teacher training programs.

Yoga classes can be tailored to the needs and the level of each individual (from therapeutic yoga for recovery to dynamic). In addition to the physical and mental well-being, yoga also offers a deeper conection with self-knowledge as well as the widening of the spirit and perception of the world we live in, so as to help us with our self awarness

The lessons include pranayama, asanas, mudras, mantras, nintra yoga, sound healing with singing bowls & raining sticks, visualization & meditation.